Project Proposal Template of Teaching Practice Research Program, 2021 2021.11.23

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Project Proposal Template of Ministry of Education, Teaching Practice Research Program, 2021 Download. ( EN / CH )

Program Origins

To realize the target of teaching innovation, the Ministry of Education promulgated the Operation Directions Governing MOE Subsidies for the Teaching Practice Research Program for Colleges and Universities in December 2017, and established the “Project Office for the Review of Teaching Practices Research Programs,” and promote “Teaching Practice Research Program for Colleges and Universities.” The office established the continual peer review and guidance model through research subsidies for different types of college teachers, initiated the establishment of exclusive community and communication, and accumulated achievements of teaching research cases; established the achievement presentation platform and professional talent pool, cultivated seed teachers, and actively encouraged colleges and universities to invest resources, so as to help teachers in universities to introduce concepts of teaching practice research, increase teaching capabilities, and prepare complete and premium lesson plan; also, help students to improve efficiencies in their professional knowledge and core abilities through the implementation of innovative lesson plan and increase the teaching quality.

Mission of the Project Office 
  1. Review – Assist in the teaching program review and cross-team communication; plan and organize workshops and orientations.
  2. Guidance – Establish and promote the communication and operations of the professional community; plan and organize relevant teaching professional programs.
  3. Platform – Help build an open platform for teaching research achievements, connection to teachers’ support system, and research presentation platform.

Program Description
  1. What is “Teaching Practice Research”?
Teaching practice research refers to the faculty’s process of adopting proper research method and tools to verify its effectiveness for the purpose of elevating teaching quality and promote students' learning effectiveness, which is achieved through the use of live educational arenas and literature to propose questions, the utilization of curriculum design, teaching methods, or introducing education instruments and the use of media and technology.
  1. MOE “Teaching Practice Research” Subsidies Program
The Program aims to improve the teaching quality for teachers and realize the school management mission for schools; with supplementing effects, it combines with the Higher Education Sprout Project, prompting schools to focus on the development of school affairs and invest resources in the teaching scene; the. Therefore, to efficiently connect teachers’ individual research and students’ learning cultivation, schools shall review the program proposed by teachers in the schools regarding the research program and course planning, and whether the direction for student cultivation is in line with the direction of the development of school affairs. Where necessary, the schools shall provide comprehensive teaching resources to support teachers' research, and in turn realize the transformation of teaching scene.