計畫緣起 Program Origins
106 學年度起,教育部規劃推動「大學校院教師教學研究支持系統方案」,希望透過教師教學實踐研究補助計畫,建立持續性的同儕審閱與輔導模式,推動專屬社群之建立與對話,並同步累積教學研究案件之成果,建置成果發表平台、專業人才庫、培育種子教師,透過不同任務之同步推展,積極鼓勵大專校院投入資源,協助大學教師增進教學之能力,編寫完整且優良之教案,透過教案於課堂上之正式實施,幫助學生在知識學習上,增進相關成效,提升教學之品質。 

To realize the target of teaching innovation, the Ministry of Education promulgated the Operation Directions Governing MOE Subsidies for the Teaching Practice Research Program for Colleges and Universities in December 2017, and engaged Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center (the “Center”) under National Applied Research Laboratories to establish the “Project Office for the Review of Teaching Practices Research Programs,” and promote “Teaching Practice Research Program for Colleges and Universities.” The Center established the continual peer review and guidance model through research subsidies for different types of college teachers, initiated the establishment of exclusive community and communication, and accumulated achievements of teaching research cases; established the achievement presentation platform and professional talent pool, cultivated seed teachers, and actively encouraged colleges and universities to invest resources, so as to help teachers in universities to introduce concepts of teaching practice research, increase teaching capabilities, and prepare complete and premium lesson plan; also, help students to improve efficiencies in their professional knowledge and core abilities through the implementation of innovative lesson plan and increase the teaching quality.

   專案辦公室的任務 Mission of the Project Office 

1. Review – Assist in the teaching program review and cross-team communication; plan and organize workshops and orientations

2. Guidance – Establish and promote the communication and operations of the professional community; plan and organize relevant teaching professional programs

3. Platform – Help build an open platform for teaching research achievements, connection to teachers’ support system, and research presentation platform

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